Glyco-Skills development core

Introduction to Glycobiology 2018 (Johns Hopkins Sch of Med 330.712)


2017 lectures will be updated on each lecture date:

L1: Saccharides & the Glyco World (RL Schnaar) [video]

L2: Glycoproteins I (NE Zachara) [video]

L3: Glycoproteins II (NE Zachara) [video]

L4: O-GlcNAc (GW Hart) [video]

L5: Glycolipids and GPI anchors (RL Schnaar) [video]

L6: Hyaluronan and Proteoglycans (NE Zachara) [video]

L7: Carbohydrate Engineering (KJ Yarema)

L8: Protein-Glycan Recognition (RL Schnaar)

L9: Glycan Binding Protein Functions (RL Schnaar)

L10: Glycomics (GW Hart)

L11: Glycans and Disease (GW Hart)